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Audio/Visual Systems

Get the attention you need and deserve

No matter how powerful the performance, tense the tournament, bumping the beat, or persuasive the presentation, the impact will be lost if it can’t be properly seen or heard.

DTIT Services specializes in providing subcontractor services for all phases of commercial and residential projects. Our experienced IT Technicians have provided design, installation, maintenance, and upgrade services for every kind of A/V component for commercial and governmental institutions around the country.

A well-designed, professionally installed audio-visual system dramatically enhances any communication.


Yes, leaving your equipment on will not damage it.

The answer depends on your communication goals, but the basic elements commonly found in an AV system include a microphone, camera, and speaker components, adequate lighting, and an accessible electrical power source.

No. In fact, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables have become the standard over your basic AV cables because they provide a stronger more precise signal to and from audio and video devices.

The purpose of the AV system and the environment in which it will be housed are important considerations. Before you decide which AV components to choose, consider the optimal sound quality, available internet bandwidth, features available from different types of cameras, and sufficient ease of use and mobile accessibility for virtual audiences.

Enhanced Communications

When you have the right AV system for your space:

  • Movies and television shows feel more dramatic
  • Music more uplifting
  • Presentations more professional
  • Meeting more engaging

But securing an optimally performing AV system takes more than just a quick shopping trip.

There are so many AV components available, it is very easy to waste a lot of time, money, and frustration on unnecessary and expensive equipment that you don’t need or that is insufficient for what you want to do.

Our experienced AV Technicians can help streamline your journey to the perfect AV system.

If you are just getting started, we can meet with you in your space to discuss your ultimate communication goals to help pinpoint and recommend the best placement and AV equipment options.

If you have made your buying decisions and need help with installation, our neat and discreet installation process will have your space properly wired with little interruption to your daily routine.

Time to Upgrade?

As positively impactful as a good AV system can be on effective communication, a poorly performing system provides the opposite effect.

While there is no hard and fast rule for the lifecycle of AV equipment, these components do wear out or become outdated with time.

The rapid advances in technology have further shortened this process, as older equipment is not always compatible with emerging technology.

Generally speaking, if your business is being impacted by poor sound quality, malfunctioning speakers, an incompatible screen, or an outdated monitor, it may be time to update, replace, or retrofit your system components.

The good news is, as technology continued to evolve, the cost of many of the individual components has come down. Our Technicians can work with you to find AV options for any budget.

If your current AV system is not meeting your needs, we can just as easily upgrade or replace your existing equipment.


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