Surveillance Systems Services

To Deter and Detect

These are the primary objectives of a well-planned surveillance system. Whether in our homes or our place of business, nothing is more important than peace of mind.

With hands-on experience installing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading surveillance systems for residential, commercial, and governmental institutions around the country, DTIT Services has a proven track record of helping to keep our residents and business community safe and secure.

DTIT Services specializes in providing subcontractor services for all phases of commercial and residential projects. We provide expert technicians experienced in the design, installation, and maintenance of digital and analog security and surveillance systems.


The answer to this question depends on several factors, like the type of installation (residential or commercial), size of the structure, number, location, and type of cameras, and the complexity of the system. While a general rule of thumb is between 4 to 12 hours of installation time, please contact our office for a customized estimate.

The short answer is yes. Depending on the type and age of the surveillance system you currently have, it’s often possible to integrate more modern components into established systems. For example, replacing coaxial wiring with ethernet cabling, and adding devices like network video recorders, internet protocol cameras, and hybrid DVR capabilities will result in a cost-effective, modernized surveillance system.

Since ‘network’ simply refers to the configuration used to access the internet, digital surveillance systems can be supported by your existing network, if there is sufficient bandwidth.

From Many Possibilities to the Right Fit For You

New developments in both analog and digital surveillance technology have dramatically increased safety and security options.

With the increased access to reliable, high-speed networks, both residents and small to mid-sized business owners have options that were previously either unavailable or too expensive to be practical.

But Not All Surveillance Systems are Created Equal!

The basic makeup of a surveillance system is still the same – a combination of cameras, monitors/display units, and recorders.

But there are now numerous options, like:

  • Analog or Digital Systems
  • Interior or Exterior Installation
  • Continuous, Motion Censored, or Timed Recording

– that impacts not only the level of security provided but also the required level of resources and maintenance.

Our experienced security installation experts stand ready and waiting to help you develop the perfect security and surveillance system to meet your needs.

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