Wi-Fi Networks

Set Your IT Network Free

A secure and reliable high-speed IT Network provides the necessary infrastructure for your current and future access to the local, national, and international marketplace. Protecting that investment with a strong, dependable, and flexible Wi-Fi network secures your company’s viability and growth by enabling the remote streaming, VoIP communications, point-of-sales systems, and electronic devices that are essential to the current workplace.

DTIT Services specializes in providing subcontractor services for all phases of commercial and residential projects. We provide expert technicians experienced in the design, installation, and maintenance of innovative, cost-effective Wi-Fi networks.


Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, and refers to the technology that allows data to transmit to and from wireless devices.

The internet refers to a global network of interconnected devices that uses cables and other components to carry data to devices throughout the world. Wi-Fi networks use radio waves to connect wireless devices to one another and the internet within a finite space, like a home or office.

A reliable, secure Wi-Fi system enables any wireless components to easily access the Internet from any location within the signal range. This allows you to both move your devices around without losing the connection and connect wireless receivers to the network without cables or a modem.

The short answer is yes. While there was some risk to using public Wi-Fi networks in the past, most websites in use today use encryption software to protect the data being processed via Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Network Design & Engineering

The objective of our experienced IT Technicians is to combine your future business goals with our industry expertise to help you meet your current and future IT needs.

With so many exciting upgrades and options available for your high-speed Wi-Fi network, it is easy to overlook basic but important fundamentals.

However, just like anything else you build, your network is only as strong or secure as the foundation and connections on which it is built.

A Solid Infrastructure is Key to a Positive ROI

At DTIT Services, our goal is for everyone in our communities to have the best functioning high-speed Wi-Fi networks around.

For this reason, we do our best to ensure our customers have a strong foundation by carefully surveying each project to determine the most efficient plan for not only the installation of a Wi-Fi network but future maintenance and repairs as well. Based on the findings from your customized site survey, we will work with you to identify the best installation options, hardware, and internet connections.

If you are experiencing unreliable, sluggish, or underperforming Wi-Fi service, our Technicians can provide best practice recommendations for developing a strong, high-speed network infrastructure that promotes regular maintenance and cost-effective growth:

  • Structured Cabling - The performance of your Wi-Fi is only as strong as the network on which it is built. Our Certified Technicians will work with you to design and install an organized cabling infrastructure that provides predictable performance, recommended redundancy, maximum system availability, and the flexibility required to easily accommodate any future moves, additions, and changes.
  • Site Surveys - The physical location of your Wi-Fi components also impact performance. Site surveys are conducted to determine a precise location, access point, and best orientation for the network, as well as to locate obstacles that could reduce the system’s speed and/or reliability. This is a vital first step when designing or updating a reliable, efficient system.

  • AirMagnet Surveys - An AirMagnet Survey can definitively determine the overall performance of your Wi-Fi network. This comprehensive wireless site survey software allows our experienced Technicians to test, monitor and report on real-world data collected from true end-user experience measurements. Allowing for the development and installation of wireless LAN networks with optimized quantity, placement, and configuration of APS.



Main Distribution Frames (MDF) function as the networks’ cranium, housing and protecting all the servers, hubs, routers, DSLs, etc. that make up the brain that runs your system.

Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF) are like nerve centers, connecting hubs and patch panels to the MDF and facilitating the flow of information necessary to keep the system running efficiently.

For cost-effective network maintenance and upgrades, it is vital that these foundational systems are developed around an appropriate and well-documented organizational system.

We have earned a reputation for designing and maintaining well-planned and meticulously documented network systems. Our customers rely on our experience and attention to detail to devise the exact use of space, racks, stacks, and wall mounts to facilitate regular system maintenance and future system upgrades.

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